Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Think what that money could bring,I’d buy everything. Clean out Vivienne Westwood...
That carnal craving for couture is a familiar feeling that I’m sure we all share. Just the sight of those delicious 2.55 quilted Chanel handbags is enough to make me want to drop a month’s rent on them! Unfortunately in this economy, designer duds are becoming farther and farther from being a reasonable buy.

But luckily for you, in store we have just the remedy to cure your designer fix. One of our favourite designers, the eccentric Vivienne Westwood, has teamed with Melissa shoes to create an amazing line of shoes. The designs are quirky, edgy and fun, much like the Ms. Westwood herself; and like all the shoes from the Melissa line are in produced in rubber resulting in some gorgeous footwear that will be nice to your feet. The best part is that these great shoes won’t burn a hole in your pocket, with the prices staying under $150, a great price for designer pieces that you didn’t find in Chinatown!

If you’re looking something casual to wear everday, then the Tristrap is just for you! With three sexy straps gracing your ankle, who said flats couldn’t be fun? The Tristrap comes in black and copper, ensuring you’ll always something to pair with his fun flat. Wear it with your cutest shorts and listen for the whistles you’ll get treading Queen street.

So come in and check out our Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa collection, and indulge in some luxe footwear your feet will thank you for!
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